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Tooth decay is very common — over 90% of adults will experience a cavity at some point in their life. Factors like plaque buildup, too many sugary or acidic snacks, and improper dental hygiene are often to blame.

Although cavities are commonplace, it’s important to have them treated right away with a filling.

At Damonte Ranch Dental Care, we offer safe, durable, and beautiful fillings to match your natural teeth. If you think you may have a cavity, don’t wait to have it looked at. It’s the easiest way to stop a cavity from turning into a bigger issue.

White Fillings Are…


Natural looking


Made from a strong, durable, and safe material


Minimally invasive


Bonded to the surface of your tooth

Silver fillings are noticeable every time you open your mouth, laugh, or even speak. But white fillings are created to match your natural teeth’s color and texture.

They’ll be nearly invisible!

“Everyone at this facility is just awesome. I’m so glad I found this place! I would give 10 stars if I could. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable at the same time.”

– A. P.

Eloisa and Dr Waring Damonte Ranch Dental Care

What’s it Like to Get a Filling?

This is a really easy procedure, so sit back and relax. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable the whole time.

  • Your treatment starts by numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic. We’ll sit tight and wait to start until your mouth is completely numb.
  • Relax while we expertly clean the decay from your tooth, removing as little tooth material as possible.
  • The tooth-colored filling will be bonded directly to your tooth – it will look brand new.

Advanced Treatments for Serious Decay

Left untreated, cavities can turn into more serious issues that cause a lot of pain, sensitivity, and even tooth loss. Smaller preventive treatments like fillings are meant to save you the time, discomfort, and expense of more advanced procedures.

If you are dealing with a more advanced form of decay, we’re here to help. There’s never any judgment from our team, all we want is to help you get back to normal, fast.

We may recommend treatments like:

  • Dental Crown
  • Root Canal
  • Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting a dental filling hurt?

A dental filling does require the use of local anesthesia for most patients. Because your mouth is numb, you won’t feel a thing. You can expect your mouth to feel numb for a few hours after your appointment, so make sure to account for that as you plan the rest of your day.

How much does a filling cost?

The cost of a tooth filling depends on which tooth we’re working on and how large the cavity is. For those with insurance, dental fillings are considered a type of “basic” dental procedure and tend to be covered more, percentage-wise, than more complex restorations. For those without insurance, our office offers an in-house membership plan to help you afford your care.

How long does it take to get a filling?

Set aside an hour for getting a filling here at our South Reno office, but you’ll usually be in and out much faster! In fact, a small and simple filling may take as little as 20 minutes.

How do you prevent cavities?

Good brushing and flossing habits combined with regular visits to your dentist are the best way to prevent tooth decay. Come see us every 6 months and keep cavities away!

Which filling is best for teeth?

The most common types of dental fillings are composite, gold, and silver amalgam. Our office typically recommends composite fillings as they can be closely matched to the color of your teeth.

Dr. Waring is Your Choice for White Fillings in South Reno

Gentler treatments and a better experience — that’s what you can expect from us.

Led by Dr. Waring, our team is committed to reinventing your perception of what it means to receive high-quality, friendly, and comfortable care.

We’re here to support you at every step of your dental health journey — whether you need a cleaning and exam or need to fix a cavity. Dr. Waring takes a conservative approach to treatments and only recommends fillings and other procedures when it’s necessary.

Looking for a second opinion on whether or not you need a filling? Have questions about filling materials? Let us know!

Damonte Ranch Dental Care is your partner in achieving excellent health.

“The staff is so nice, professional, and efficient. I haven’t met one person I didn’t like and I feel like they all care. I didn’t know what a great dentist was until I went to Damonte Ranch Dental Care. You will not be sorry with this establishment. Thank you for taking care of my teeth!”

– K. F.

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