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Dr. Waring is an AADSM Qualified Dentist

Dr. Waring is in the process of completing the Mastery Program at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is committed to providing patients with the latest treatment options for complex airway issues like sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a very common medical condition where your breathing stops periodically during the night due to a blockage in your airway (as often as 20 to 30 times an hour or more). Each time you are unable to breathe normally, the oxygen level in your blood drops and CO2 builds up. This alerts your brain, triggering a release of stress hormones and an increase in blood pressure, temporarily waking you up and kicking you out of deep sleep to restart proper breathing.

This constant wake-sleep, wake-sleep cycle prevents those with sleep apnea from achieving deep sleep. The result is a variety of negative consequences for your overall quality of life and your health. Left untreated, sleep apnea is believed to be a major contributing factor to life-threatening illnesses — from high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke to diabetes and brain injury.

Don’t let sleep apnea keep you from achieving a good night’s sleep and a healthy life. Dr. Waring has completed extensive training in airway issues and offers non-surgical, personalized sleep apnea treatments to help you sleep, breathe, and feel better.

Eliminate the Dangerous Symptoms of Sleep Apnea, Including…


Loud Snoring or Snorting at Night


Daytime Sleepiness & Difficulty Concentrating


Sudden Waking During the Night


Severe Morning & Daytime Headaches

Did You Know?

Over 20 million people in the US are affected by sleep apnea but 80% have never been diagnosed and have no idea they have it!

“Everyone at this facility is just awesome. I’m so glad I found this place! I would give 10 stars if I could. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable at the same time.”

– A. P.

sleep apnea treatment being discussed with a patient

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Depending on the severity of sleep apnea and the recommendations of your physician, a custom-fit mandibular advancement device (MAD) might be the best treatment.

Somewhat resembling a sports mouthguard or nightguard, this oral appliance is specially designed to gently keep the lower jaw, or mandible, in a forward position to help open the airway. Some devices also prevent your tongue from falling back over your windpipe.

The MAD is incredibly comfortable and helps increase the space in your airway, ensuring you can breathe freely all night long. It will even help you stop snoring.

A sleep appliance is often the preferred choice for those who cannot tolerate their CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. If your doctor has you on a CPAP, talk with Dr. Waring to find out if you can get the same results using a MAD.

Meet Your Reno Sleep Apnea Dentist

Dr. Waring has a special passion for helping patients suffering from complex airway issues like sleep apnea. He has completed intensive sleep apnea training and education to ensure his patients receive the best care. Dr. Waring is committed to working with you to find the best way to manage sleep apnea for you.

From his commitment to using the latest sleep apnea treatment methods to his gentle and friendly approach, Dr Waring is proud to maintain the very highest standards of excellence.

We take a truly personalized approach to treating sleep apnea. Dr. Waring will evaluate your situation and suggest the best option depending on the severity of your sleep apnea symptoms.

Whatever sleep apnea treatment you choose, Dr. Waring and our highly trained staff will ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your care plan.

Your health is in good hands with Dr. Waring.

“The staff is so nice, professional, and efficient. I haven’t met one person I didn’t like and I feel like they all care. I didn’t know what a great dentist was until I went to Damonte Ranch Dental Care. You will not be sorry with this establishment. Thank you for taking care of my teeth!”

– K. F.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Dr. Waring and the entire team at our Reno, NV office will take excellent care of you throughout your sleep apnea evaluation and treatment. We’ll help you feel comfortable and confident by making sure you understand exactly what to expect every step of the way. At our office, that includes…

  • No rushing — Take as much time as you need talking with Dr. Waring and getting answers to all your questions. We won’t start any treatment until you feel ready.
  • Full control — Our sleep apnea treatments are easy, gentle, and comfortable. During your appointment, we’ll ask you to raise your hand if you ever feel uneasy so we can address your concerns or questions right away. We treat every patient with the same care and attention we’d give any member of our family.

Patients often describe our office as…

Positive, Friendly, and Judgement Free

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