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We’re helping to make South Reno a community full of beautiful and healthy smiles. It all starts with our high-quality general dentistry treatments focused on preventing, diagnosing, and solving common but potentially harmful dental issues.

We hope you’ll think of us as your partner in helping you achieve excellent health. From day-to-day dental health questions to solving ongoing concerns, our general dentistry services are rooted in helping you feel your very best.

No matter when you last visited the dentist, we’ll listen to your story and make the next chapter even better.

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Tender Gums

“Got in fast. My teeth cleaning was thorough and gentle and everyone was very friendly. I highly recommend Damonte Ranch Dental Care!”

– J. S.

General Dentistry Services at Damonte Ranch Dental Care

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Cleanings & Exams

At Damonte Ranch Dental Care in South Reno, NV, we recommend most patients visit us every 6 months for a dental exam and teeth cleaning. These regular preventive appointments are key to catching and stopping issues.

Our exams and cleanings include:

  • Digital x-rays and high-tech intraoral images
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examination of your teeth and gums
  • Gentle and comprehensive cleaning
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Customized treatment plan

Your appointment is an opportunity to make sure everything’s functioning and feeling as it should. Remember: this is a partnership! Together we’ll help you achieve a healthy smile.

Gum Disease Treatments

Did you know: Nearly 50% of the population suffers from gum disease!

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease produces a chronic inflammatory burden on your body and is associated with serious health issues, including heart attack and stroke.

At Damonte Ranch Dental Care, we diagnose and treat gum disease through modern, high-quality minimally-invasive treatments.

If you’re experience sore, red, or bleeding gums, let us know. We’ll evaluate your situation and recommend a procedure to best fit your needs.


If a tooth is suffering from decay, disease, infection, was damaged in an accident, or is just too crowded, you may need to have it extracted.

With over 10 years of experience extracting thousands of teeth, Dr. Waring is the go-to dentist for simple extractions in South Reno. Our tooth extraction procedures are designed to be as quick and pain-free as possible.

After your extraction, we’ll help you replace your missing tooth and restore the health and function of your smile with a high-quality dental implant.

Sleep Apnea

Do you snore at night? Do you wake up exhausted or experience excessive daytime sleepiness? You may be suffering from sleep apnea!

Over 20 million people in the US are affected by sleep apnea, but most don’t even realize it, and 80% of these patients have not been diagnosed!

Dr. Waring has completed extensive training in airway issues and offers non-surgical, customized sleep apnea treatments to help you sleep and breathe better.

More Services at Damonte Ranch Dental Care:

Meet Your Dentist

With a reputation for delivering kind, friendly, and expert dental care, you’ll be in good hands with Dr. Ryan Waring.

At our office in South Reno, NV, general dental care is anything but ordinary. Dr. Waring uses the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure a level of service rarely seen in the industry.

He is a proponent that every person deserves a personalized and comfortable dental experience. By using the latest dental techniques and minimally-invasive, preventive treatments, Dr. Waring helps patients feel completely relaxed and confident during their appointments.

We hope you’ll visit our office soon. Dr. Waring and our team can’t wait to provide you with the comfortable and compassionate care you deserve.

“Highly recommend! The staff are all super nice and very comforting. When I had my teeth done I was very uneasy about it, but the staff did an excellent job of relaxing me and assuring me that it was all okay.”

– C. K.

New Patients

Choosing a dentist is a uniquely personal experience. And for those suffering from dental anxiety, scheduling that first appointment takes courage. At Damonte Ranch Dental Care, we want to help you feel comfortable — both in your decision to choose Dr. Waring as your general dentist, and with the entire dental appointment experience.

Should you need it, we’re happy to welcome you to our South Reno, NV office for a short meet-and-greet consultation, free of charge. This visit is a great opportunity to get to know Dr. Waring and our staff. We’ll also give you a tour of our office to help you feel more familiar with the space. Call (775) 329-8886 to schedule today.

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