Dental Bridge in South Reno, NV 

A Solution for Missing Teeth

Are you missing one or more teeth? A dental bridge might be the best solution.

What are dental bridges? This type of restoration closes the gap between missing teeth, using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to hold a restoration in place. They provide a fixed, durable way to restore your smile and are often viewed as a better alternative to dentures.

Our South Reno dentist offers custom-made dental bridges and can help restore your smile and your health. That’s right — missing teeth are hard on your health, leading to issues like bone loss, decay, gum disease, and more. Not to mention making it difficult for you to chew and speak normally.

Let’s talk about whether or not a dental bridge is the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges


Preserves healthy jaw bone tissue


Prevents bone loss


Provides a steady, stable bite


Looks just like your natural teeth


Allows you to speak and chew naturally

“Everyone at this facility is just awesome. I’m so glad I found this place! I would give 10 stars if I could. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable at the same time.”

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Dental Bridges or Dentures

For decades, removable dentures were considered the only option for replacing lost teeth. But as technology has improved, implant-supported dentures and fixed dental bridges have become a more appealing option for many patients.

Dental bridges are fixed in place, unlike removable dentures. They’re more secure and work just like real teeth. You can eat the foods you love! 

Another benefit? This type of restoration promotes healthy gums, and prevents bone loss and the “sunken” look common in patients who wear dentures for many years. 

If you’re interested in exploring your options for replacing lost teeth, our team is here to help.

How Dental Bridges Work 

  1. Neighboring teeth are prepared to act as the “anchor” 
  2. A temporary bridge is installed to protect your teeth and gums
  3. The final restoration is custom-made to fit your mouth and look just like a real tooth
  4. The finished bridge is installed and bonded into place to complete the restoration

This treatment requires healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth (or teeth). These healthy teeth serve as the attachment points (anchors). In cases of extensive tooth decay, or when more than 2 or 3 teeth are missing, implant-supported dentures may be the better solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after an extraction can I get a bridge?

It depends on how much time has elapsed since the tooth was extracted. If you just lost the tooth or need to have a tooth extracted before the bridge can be placed, you may need to wait up to 6 months to allow your gums to heal and stabilize. However, in many cases you don’t have to wait that long. Talk to Dr. Waring at your next visit to hear what he recommends.

Are dental bridges permanent?

Dental bridges can last up to 15 years. Your dental bridge will eventually need to be replaced — but you’ll get many years of beauty and function out of your bridge!

How many teeth can be replaced with a bridge?

Our dental bridges often replace 2-4 teeth, and sometimes more. Since you need supporting teeth on either side of a gap to hold a bridge, the exact number of teeth in a bridge will be based on how many teeth you have left in your mouth.

Which is better, a bridge or an implant?

Unlike dental implants, a dental bridge typically does not require surgery, making them a preferable alternative for many of our patients. That said, your bridge will eventually need to be replaced, while a dental implant can last 25 years or longer. We’ll help you evaluate your options and choose the best one for your lifestyle and health.

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