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What is gum disease? Also called periodontitis or periodontal disease, this common dental health issue is a serious infection of the gums. Not only is it the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, periodontal disease is associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary artery disease. It also impacts other systemic conditions such as diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

It all starts when sticky, bacteria-filled plaque builds up around the gumline. To prevent this plaque buildup and its unhealthy effects, Dr. Waring strongly encourages practicing good dental hygiene habits at home. Regular flossing and brushing and eating a balanced diet will help keep gum disease at bay. But there’s one more very important ingredient: regular dental checkups.

During your dental exam at Damonte Ranch Dental Care, we’ll check for signs of periodontal disease by measuring the space between your teeth and gums. If we do find any concerns, we offer high-quality, gentle treatments to get your gum health back on track and protect the future of your smile.

Our Gum Disease Treatments Help Prevent…


Gums that Bleed Easily


Red, Swollen & Tender Gums


Receding Gums


Pus Between Your Teeth


Loose Permanent Teeth


Persistent Bad Breath

Did You Know?

It’s possible to have periodontal disease and have NO warning signs or symptoms. Regular preventive care is the best approach for keeping your gums safe and healthy.

“Everyone at this facility is just awesome. I’m so glad I found this place! I would give 10 stars if I could. The staff is caring and very knowledgeable at the same time.”

– A. P.

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Advice From Our Staff:
There’s no special training needed to use the Perio Protect treatment in the comfort of your own home. Simply add the medication and wear the tray while making dinner, watching a movie, or relaxing before bed!

Perio Protect

Perio Protect is a completely non-invasive and pain-free gum disease treatment you can do at home.

Dr. Waring is proud to offer Perio Protect as our preferred method for preventing and treating early stages of gum disease. It’s also effective for keeping periodontal disease under control after a deep cleaning treatment.

How does it work? Dr. Waring will create a tray that’s custom fit to your mouth. The Perio Protect trays are specially designed to produce a tight seal around your teeth, forcing bacteria-fighting medication into pockets deep under your gum line.

Each day you’ll fill the trays with a special gel and leave it in your mouth for about an hour. The treatment will get right to work, fighting bacterial infections and encouraging your gums to heal.

As an added bonus, Perio Protect even helps whiten your teeth!

Deep Cleanings

When plaque sits on your gum line for too long, it hardens and becomes incredibly difficult to remove.

Daily brushing and flossing just aren’t enough. In severe cases, even regular teeth cleaning appointments won’t completely solve the issue.

At Damonte Ranch Dental Care in South Reno, NV, we offer deep cleanings focused on giving your gum line some extra time and attention.

Our deep cleaning appointments involve…

  • Using an ultrasonic cleaning device to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth
  • Cleaning under the gumline on the tooth and the root
  • Smoothing out rough surfaces of the tooth and root

Our goal with a deep cleaning is to completely remove all bacteria-causing plaque and give your mouth a clean slate from which to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dentist fix gum disease?

Yes. We offer a variety of gum disease treatments in South Reno, including deep cleanings and Perio Protect. When caught early enough, we can fix gum disease and get your health back on track. If you’re suffering from advanced periodontitis, Dr. Waring will work with you to find the best treatment or refer you to a periodontist.

Can you treat gum disease without going to the dentist?

If you notice your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth, it’s time to upgrade your dental hygiene habits. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and flossing daily. After a week or two, you may notice the health of your gums improve. However, if it’s been longer than 6 months since your last visit to a dentist, we always recommend scheduling a cleaning and exam. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

How much does it cost to treat gum disease?

Here in Reno, the cost of gum disease treatment will depend on the severity of your condition. For example, a deep cleaning is often a more affordable treatment vs gum surgery. We’ll outline exactly how much you can expect and offer a Membership Plan to help you afford the care you need.

Can a salt water rinse heal gum infection?

A salt water rinse is a great way to calm red, irritated gums. It can also help limit discomfort. However, a salt water solution alone cannot stop gum disease. Consistent dental hygiene habits and a visit to your dentist are also necessary.

Can I make my gums healthy again?

Don’t give up hope! Dr. Waring can help your gums heal and be healthy again. Get in touch today and book online.

Meet Your South Reno Gum Disease Dentist

From the commitment to using the latest dental techniques and modern materials, to offering welcoming and gentle care — Dr. Waring is proud to maintain a very high standard of excellence.

When it comes to gum disease treatments, that means taking a preventive and personalized approach. Dr. Waring aims to catch and stop issues before they start, using the most conservative treatment as a first step.

Whatever type of gum treatment you need, Dr. Waring and our highly trained staff will ensure you feel completely relaxed and confident in your care plan. Your gum health (and beautiful smile) is in safe hands with Dr. Waring.

“The staff is so nice, professional, and efficient. I haven’t met one person I didn’t like and I feel like they all care. I didn’t know what a great dentist was until I went to Damonte Ranch Dental Care in South Reno, NV. You will not be sorry with this establishment. Thank you for taking care of my teeth!”

– K. F.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Dr. Waring and our entire team are trained and experienced in patient satisfaction. We’ve found that explaining what to expect during your appointment can help you feel more comfortable and at ease. So here’s some information about our office and the experience we provide.

We never rush our patients into a procedure. Quite the opposite! Dr. Waring goes out of his way to explain everything he’s about to do before starting and is happy to answer any questions you have.

There’s simply no reason your gum disease treatment (or any other dental procedure) should be anything less than easy, relaxing, and comfortable for you. During your treatment, we’ll ask you to raise your hand if you ever feel pain so we can address it right away. We’ll treat you like we would any member of our family — it’s our promise.

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