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Are Your Teeth Sensitive to Cold or Hot Temperatures? We Can Help.

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Have You Experienced this Before?

You’re enjoying a hot beverage or a cold ice cream cone when you feel a “zing!” in your mouth. It feels like a sharp, stinging sensation that isn’t exactly painful, but is definitely uncomfortable. If so, you might be suffering from sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth can happen to anyone — this dental problem is very common. But there’s no reason to grin and bear it. If you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity,  schedule a checkup today and let’s see what’s going on. We’re here to help.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity occurs when your tooth enamel (outside layer of the tooth) wears down, exposing the underlying dentin of your tooth. Hot and cold temperatures can easily travel through dentin and reach the nerves of your tooth, causing pain and sensitivity.

Proper diagnosis is key to treating tooth sensitivity. By addressing the underlying issue, we can help you relieve tooth sensitivity.

Sensitive Teeth Are Often Triggered By:


Gum disease


Gum recession


Tooth decay


Cracked or broken teeth


Tooth grinding and clenching


Brushing too hard


Using the wrong mouthwash


Overuse of whitening products

Managing Sensitive Teeth

Don’t ignore sensitive teeth. Schedule an appointment with us to learn what’s going on in your mouth. 

Until you can meet with Dr. Waring, try these at-home care tips to manage and limit the discomfort:

  • Alway use a soft toothbrush
  • Use toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks
  • Drink hot and cold beverages with a straw
  • Unclench your teeth and relax your jaw (consider a night guard)
  • Take a break from teeth whitening treatments
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How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

If you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity in South Reno, Dr. Waring is the best place to start. We offer a high-tech approach to diagnose the underlying cause of your sensitivity and deliver the highest quality treatment, which may include:

  • Fillings
  • Dental crown
  • Veneers
  • Night guards
  • Gum disease therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a toothache or sensitive teeth?

The hallmark of sensitive teeth is a sharp, short pain that only lasts for a few moments, usually after eating something hot or cold. If your teeth are throbbing or in constant pain, you’re likely suffering from a toothache not tooth sensitivity.

Can tooth enamel regrow?

Although tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in the body, it cannot be regenerated. That said, you are able to remineralize your enamel and other solutions to ensure your teeth stay strong, healthy, and durable for a lifetime. 

Is teeth whitening bad for sensitive teeth?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are known for causing temporary tooth sensitivity or pain. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, we recommend avoiding these types of teeth whitening treatments until you’ve discussed the concern with Dr. Waring.

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