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Uh-oh, Lost a Crown?

Does your tooth feel a little “off”? Maybe your tongue just caught on a new sharp edge of your tooth. Or you suddenly notice a gaping hole in your tooth that definitely wasn’t there before.

Odds are, you probably broke or lost a dental crown. Don’t worry, this can be easily fixed… just make sure you get help right away! Left for too long, a lost tooth crown can cause decay, disease, and pain.

Call us at (775) 329-8886. We offer emergency appointments and are here to help.

What To Do If You Lose a Crown?

First things first, call us at (775) 329-8886 to schedule an appointment. Until then, take some precautions to avoid further damage or any discomfort:

  • Chew on the opposite side of your mouth
  • Avoid hard, sticky foods
  • Brush thoroughly but gently to keep bacteria at bay

Why Do Tooth Crowns Fall Out?

Although dental crowns are strong and durable, certain situations can cause them to break or fall off: 


Crunching down too forcefully on hard or sticky foods


Knocked loose playing sports


Car accident or other impact accident


Detached on its own

What happens if you swallow your crown?

Can’t find your lost crown and wondering if you…gulp…swallowed it? This is actually fairly common. Though we don’t recommend swallowing your crown just for fun, porcelain crowns are small, smooth, and made of non-toxic material. It should pass through the digestive tract naturally. But if you’re worried, give your doctor a call.

How Long Can You Go Without a Crown?

The longer a tooth goes unrepaired, the bigger the risk.

  • Crowns protect weakened teeth, so cracks or fractures can develop.
  • Bacteria have an opening to sneak deep into the tooth and cause infections and decay.
  • Left too long, you might need to have the remaining tooth pulled.

Don’t dilly dally! Get the help you need at our South Reno office.

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“The environment is positive and the dental care is perfection. I know some people dread a trip to the dentist, but I never have. When I am asked who I see as a dentist in South Reno, NV, I always feel like I have shared a great secret when I recommend Damonte Ranch.”

– G. A.

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We Fix Missing Crowns

If you’ve broken or lost a crown, there’s usually an easy fix. Dr. Waring will take a look at your remaining tooth structure. If there’s no damage, we can make you a new crown and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

In some cases, we may be able to bond your old crown back in place.

We’ll find the best solution for you based on your specific needs and situation. 

Will dental insurance pay to fix my broken crown?

Most forms of dental insurance do include coverage for restorative procedures that will cover a portion of the cost. Our office is out-of-network with insurance providers, but if you do have insurance, we’ll help find out your estimated copay. We will also submit your complete claims and paperwork for you. If you don’t have dental insurance, we also offer a membership plan to help you save on care. 

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