When you’ve visited us for your regular dental exams, we know you’ve heard us talk about the importance of brushing twice a day, flossing, and maintaining good oral hygiene habits.

These habits help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. But, get this: there are simple things you can do around our wonderful city of Reno to help your oral hygiene, beyond brushing or flossing (just make sure you do those too).

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the activities in Reno that’ll help keep you healthy and active, and how they can impact your dental health.

Eat a balanced diet

We all know the food we eat affects our overall health. But did you know your diet can affect your oral health, too? And it goes beyond simply avoiding sugar-filled foods and drinks.

If your body lacks certain nutrients, this can impact your mouth. Poor nutrition can make it harder for the body to fight off infection, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Research also shows that disease and illness may progress faster with poor nutrition than it would with a balanced diet.

This is why maintaining a healthy diet is important for your oral health. Here are a few ways to do this in Reno:


Add more produce to your diet with a local farmer’s market

Our region has more than 10 farmers markets open this summer season, although Covid-19 has changed the way they will be run. Still, you can get fresh produce straight from our local farms and find a variety of different seasonal fruits and vegetables to add into your diet.


Eat healthy when you choose a restaurant

Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of restaurants in the city to choose from that can help you meet your daily nutritional values AND provide a delicious and exciting meal.

Great Full Gardens and Laughing Planet Cafe both have been recognized on The Reno Gazette Journal’s “Best Restaurants” list in years past. They both feature a full menu of food friendly to all different diets and preferences.

You can also try:

  • Checking out the menu at restaurant ahead of time to ensure it will have a healthy option for you
  • Asking to substitute vegetables for fries or chips
  • Drinking water before and during your meal

These steps can help you choose healthier options when eating food at a restaurant.


Consume coffee in moderation

The relationship between coffee and our teeth is complicated. Not only can coffee stain your teeth, but it is considered an acidic drink that can damage your tooth enamel over time.

However, studies have also shown that roasted coffee contains healthy antioxidants. It can be antibacterial and antimicrobial when consumed without any additives.

Overall, it’s a good rule of thumb to drink coffee in moderation. And when you do, know we have our pick of local specialty coffee shops here in Reno. Our favorite is Pangolin Cafe, which serves coffee, tea, and artisan confections — including their specialty house-made Turkish Delights!

Stay active and get outside

Fun fact: Nevada has more hot springs and individual mountain ranges than any other state in the U.S. That leaves plenty of opportunity to adventure outside and get some exercise. 

A few fun outdoor activities near Reno include: 

  • Walking on one of the many trails in the 9-acres of Huffaker Park
  • Tackling the Truckee Meadows Trail Challenge 
  • Catching the beautiful scenic views from our many local hikes 
  • Swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding in the aquamarine water of Lake Tahoe

Not only will these activities get your blood pumping and positively impact your mood, they are relatively low contact. This is especially great during COVID-19 and for your dental health because they support social distancing and lessen the chance of you injuring or knocking a tooth out. 

Sports with the highest risk of mouth injury include basketball, football, hockey, and boxing. Pretty low on the list? Walking and hiking.

Take time to relax

Did you know… one third of Americans report living with extreme stress, and 48% of Americans believe their stress has increased over the last five years.

The list of effects stress has on the body can get quite long, including raised blood pressure, increased chance of heart disease, and a weakened immune system. But stress can also impact the health of your teeth and gums, leading to:

  • Canker sores
  • Teeth clenching or grinding, which can cause headaches or lead to joint problems, like TMJ
  • Poor dental hygiene habits, like forgetting to brush or brushing poorly

Stress can get to the best of us and no matter how many healthy habits we all try to practice — this is especially true right now, when the whole world is worried about COVID-19! Now more than ever, taking time to relax is important to our well being. Luckily, Reno has plenty of opportunities for this!

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, please make sure to check state and city guidelines for reopening status and safety procedures.



When it’s time to take a day away from the stresses of normal life, a spa can be a great option to relax and unwind. And several of the spas in Reno have ranked as some of the best in the country. This includes Spa Toscana at Pepper Resort and Spa Atlantis at Atlantis Casino.



If you’re stressed, taking a warm bath at home is a cheap and easy way to ease tension and soothe anxiety. But if you’re looking for a little more excitement, consider visiting some of the many remote or resort hot springs in and around the city. Soaking in hot water is thought to help release endorphins, help with breathing, and lower your blood pressure.

If you notice signs of clenching or grinding your teeth when you’re stressed, or experience frequent headaches when you wake up, we can help! Reach out to us to schedule an appointment today. We’ll find the best treatment option for you.

Laughter is good for you, too

Laughter can sometimes be the best medicine. No joke — studies have found that laughter can dramatically boost your mood and get your blood flowing. It can stop stress hormones from releasing and encourages an increase of dopamine, which has calming benefits. 

Plus, it’s just fun too, right? 

To add a little extra laughter to your life, tune in for stand up set by local comedy groups like Reno Improv. Or, consider fostering or adopting a pet from the local humane society or nearby rescues. Pets are naturally playful and entertaining, usually promoting more laughter. They can also help reduce stress and depression.

How can Dr. Waring help?

Your dental health is connected to your overall health, and we want to help keep you as healthy as possible!

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